American Reformation


 This was written by my son, Timothy Lott, inspired by the Lord in response to hearing President Trump speak on reformation.  It is inspired and so much so, I had to post it.  Reading in the Old Testament, every time a king was appointed that had a heart to follow after God, he would clean house so to speak; getting rid of all the idol worship and the people followed suit. This is what President Trump has been doing and he has surrounded himself with evangelical Pastors and has brought prayer and bible study into the White House!  You see, while we as individuals need to keep doing our part in witnessing, “oil flows from the head.”  Like in the days of the kings of Israel, when the head of the country follows God, change happens, and the people follow.  More people, nations saved instead of one by one individually. Changing the country as a whole, to follow God is what is meant by Reformation.  Please enjoy, read on!


By Timothy Lott:


I was born again on February 8, 2004 and I had a knowing within of the rapture happening soon, within my lifetime and that I would never grow old.


I knew the Body of Christ would soon come together and start acting as one body like designed.  When this happened, I knew that the latter rain would occur and would be greater than the former rain (Jesus said this because they end time church would be around 1 billion people as opposed to the 100k people during the former rain) In other words… more people equals more works and thus greater. I was not necessarily talking about more spectacular works as and miracle of God is amazing.  It means simply that there would be a LOT more done by the end time church because of its increased size, only logical.  I told everyone that would listen.


Now, 14 years later I see the CBN article/broadcast “Time for a Second Reformation” and what was spoken of is the beginnings of what I said was going to happen with the church unifying.  Want to know how to make the Reformation worldwide and get the ball rolling on the Body Unification? I have an attachment (excel) that will help with the Vision for the Christianity Board for Body of Christ Unification, or CBBCU.  “My people parish for lack of vision” Proverbs 29:18.

Start with a board containing 2 members from each denomination (similar in a way to the Vatican I supposed accept Jesus is our Head/High Priest) Board refines the vision for the Body of Christ and set specific goals that will lead us to accomplish the ultimate Vision.


Acknowledge need for reformation

Let faith leaders know the purpose and goal, so pastor at city/local level get congregations to pray

Select Board members

Decide on specific goals to reach with lead up the final Vision of all believers everywhere at same time praying to Jesus for the fulfillment of the promise set in us since the world was formed.

Coordinate among all church in US to designate the first Sunday of every month (by first fruits principal) as a time for CBBCU news, world news relating to prophetic timetable, Body of Christ unification prayer, prayer for CBBCU, government, leaders, and other requests, Testimonies, Baptisms, reaffirmations of faith.


Just pray and seek the Lords will but I know if you are the Lord’s then you know the signs. Let’s make the Bride of Christ ready and call Him to come. Let us actively work towards uniting the Church for the purpose of a worldwide reformation to the point that everyone everywhere across the world goes to that upper room (prayer) at the same time for the same purpose which is to call Jesus our Head to collect his Body for the eternal baptism of the Holy Spirit in which what Paul wrote about in Thessalonian’s comes to pass. It is time for Marriage.


Please view attached Marriage Table:

  Marriage Table

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1 thought on “American Reformation”

  1. I have been listening to a radio station as I drive back and forth to work which has got me thinking about the body of Christ, also. I grew up in an Independent Baptist church, but in my adult life, my husband and I have been members of Wesleyan churches, and currently, of a Presbyterian Church. What I look for in a church is The Word of Truth based in The Word of God. There is no mistaking that, no matter what variances divide or delineanate the specific religious affiliation. Jesus is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life, and He will always and forever remain: “The Churches One Foundation.” The radio station I have been listening to is the local Catholic station out of Lancaster, NY. I have been struck with the impression that the songs and guiding philosophy of their broadcast is the Gospel, The Good News, always with glory of Jesus being central. I pray that Jesus will unite His true Church in one. These are they who have been made spotless, washed by the blood of The Lamb. I know it is no coincidence that God is laying unification upon the hearts of His children. The powerful movement of His Holy Spirit on the willing and sanctified tools of His choosing will accomplish that for which His Word was sent. Let us not forget that Jesus is The Word made flesh !


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